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:target: How to join?!:target:
- Click join and please wait patiently for the accept.

:new:Please make sure there's at least some DBZ-related artwork in your gallery. We won't accept your request if you have ZERO DBZ-related artwork in your gallery.

:target: What kind of art is allowed?!:target:

-All the art submitted in this group has to be DragonBall/Z/GT related.
- We won't accept RECOLORINGS(claimed to be oc's ),identical copies of the Original Cast of DB/DBZ/DBGT!!!!
- We also won't accept screenshots from Dragon Ball Xenoverse. Like, come on, screenshots? Really?
- DragonBallOC does not accept NSFW submissions - i.e. artworks with too much sexual content. That means anything with the following:

- Tentacles
- Adult toys
- Showing of genitalia
- Characters fully naked in explicitly sexual positions
- Full-on porn (this is a no-brainer really but you get the point)

ANYTHING explicitly and obviously sexual will NO longer be accepted, whether with mature content filter on or not. We will decline any submission that we deem as NSFW. Please consider the fact that we have members who are under 18 in this group (we probably have hundreds of them too).

We will accept :
- Stamps/Fancomic/Comics OCxCannon/Crossovers/Cosplays/Sprites/Animations/Flashes/DB resources/Literature/DB art

:new: 11/2/2016 -- This is LONG overdue but to encourage more diversity, we now allow YAOI/YURI pairings into DragonBallOC. We apologize that it's been a long time coming. We support diversity in your representation of the DBZ world!

:target: How do I submit?!:target:

- Once you're accepted as a member you are allowed to submit your artwork.
- Number of submission is unlimited per day.
- Your allowed to submit works that where submitted after the day you joined.
- Please submit your works in the correct folder.
* NOTE : please read carefully and follow the submission rules,in case of submitting in the wrong folder your work will be denied*

:target: Can I submit in SUPER FEATURED?!:target:

- We apologize but that folder is only for HIGH QUALITY amazing DragonBall/Z/GT work.
- High Quality would include these features:
• It has to look professional; meaning it looks close to Akira Toriyama’s style.
• The piece has to be in color and the coloring has to look decent; which means that it should have shading and other such details.
• It has to be anatomically correct, meaning that the body has to be proportionate.
*NOTE : You can suggest a SUPER FEATURED *

:target: How can I suggest a SUPER FEATURED?!:target:

- Underneath the Super Featured folder it's a button click it and note the group with your proposal.
* NOTE : The Super FEATURED folder is controlled by the founder herself wLadyB91
Please wait till your suggestion is revised by the founder.
The founder has the right to decline or accept a member's suggestion,depending if the sugestion fulfills the requirements for the SUPER FEATURED FOLDER

Submission Rules

DragonBall/DBZ/DBGT Literature only
:bulletgreen:DragonBall DragonBall Z DragonBallGT artworks
Only original characters from DBZ Vegeta/Goku/Trunks/Gohan/Goten...and so on
In this folder you can submit : Crossovers/Stamp/Dbz Journal Css and tutorials
:bulletgreen:Comics : Oc x Cannon
In this folder please submit you comics/mangas/doujins that will contain your oc(or friends oc's ) with a original cannon from DragonBall/DBZ/DBGT
:bulletgreen:Cannon x OC
In this folder Cannon x Oc only ( couples,friends,etc )
:bulletgreen: Couples OC xOC
Couples : OC's only
:bulletgreen: OC's
DragonBall/Dbz/Dbgt Oc's art only
:bulletgreen:Contest EntriesIn this folder you will find only contest entries that are ment for the group's contests
Cosplays related to DragonBall/Dbz/Dbgt only
DragonBall/Dbz/Dbgt Oc/Cannon Sprites only
:bulletgreen:Animations and Flashes
DragonBall/Dbz/Dbgt Oc/Cannon Animations and Flashes only
:bulletgreen:Fan comics
DragonBall/Dbz/Dbgt Cannon Fan Comics only
DragonBall/Dbz/Dbgt OC/Cannon Linearts only
:bulletgreen:Charsheet DragonBall/Dbz/Dbgt OC Charsheet only
:bulletgreen:DragonBall/DBZ/DBGT Resources
DragonBall/DBZ/DBGT Resources only
:bulletgreen:DragonBall/DBZ/DBGT Merchandise
DragonBall/DBZ/DBGT Merchandise only
Miscellaneous only
:star: When a member leaves the group his works will be automatic removed from the group:star:




:spotlight-left:How to join?:spotlight-right:
click on the join button
you will be automatically accepted or just send a note to one of the admins and you will be invited to our group

:earth:Welcome to the home of DRAGON BALL ORIGINAL CHARACTERS:earth:

Supreme Kami


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Gallery Folders

Kaioken Assault!! by The-Black-Dogma
Tournament of Universes by Maniaxoi
Vegito by kronoshooko
OC : Dede by Maniaxoi
Kuririn Death - Fan art dragon ball z by JulienLasbleiz
Gohans Pride by elsevilla
Vegeta by JimboBox
Son Goku by jameszapata
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Rhumoosh God of the destruction of the universe10 by cdzdbzGOKU
(Dragon Ball Z) Freezer 'Final Form' by el-maky-z
Krillin by Radiation-Dragon
Le Freezypop by SpartanHero338
Comics oc cannon
Let's Not Do This by AceliousArts
Ch.8 Pg.19 (remastered) by Ryukhan46
Ch.8 Pg.18 (remastered) by Ryukhan46
Ch.8 Pg.17 (remastered) by Ryukhan46
Stamps and Crossovers
Black Goku vs Platinum Superman by oscar-aburto
Undertale by SilentAsShadows
DBverse Naruto (Sage Mode) by MAD-54
Happy Birthday!! (Goku, Luffy, Naruto and Ichigo) by PLATINUMBROLY
Couples OCxOC
My 'Sleepless' night by FryFridaY
Chaya and Amane by ChurrosArt
Young Rivals by The-Black-Dogma

Mature Content

Well Fuck Freeza! by AceliousArts
Canon OC Folder

Mature Content

Bathing Time by ChurrosArt
ASKSWOLMARRON Blog by AceliousArts
Dragon Ball Shinsei- The Otherverse Saga by MAD-54
DBZ - seriously, this is old AF by brokenHealer
Cocoa Meets Majin Zam by AceliousArts
Cocoa by AceliousArts
TFS-Puddin by AceliousArts
Evo The Saiyan Rouge by AceliousArts
OC's 2
OC : Taanip by Maniaxoi
Character Ref: Kesahi by dbz-senpai
Vena outfit color change by ayylozano
Oc : Fusion : Elcy by Maniaxoi
Contest Entries
CE- Teen Pan X Teen Sunto by Arty-Buu-Chan
The Vegeta by jeffbedash325
Burn It Down! by Sasuderuto
Animations and Flashes
Thanks for 200 watchers + RAFFLE by Bella-Colombo
Fan comic
Dragon Ball Multi-Xenoverse [Ch06/176] by Cheetah-King
Linearts and Clean WIPs
OC : Vaboru - Goodnight, Ladies and Gentlemen ! by Maniaxoi
Char Sheet
Nurida by ChurrosArt
DragonBall Resources
Dragon Ball - kid Goku 30 by superjmanplay2
DragonBall Merchandise
My new Frieza t-shirt by MaulOpress
Dragonball Adoptable -SOLD- by GhostFreak-Artz
Tenkaichi Edits
SSJ God Tavius by oscar-aburto
Hi All,

We have created a 2nd folder for OC. The old one's already full :)

If any of your OC artwork has been declined, please resubmit them to the new folder.




Hello, stardustblitz here with some MAJOR announcements about the rules!

:new: To make things a little easier so you don't have to wait forever to be able to join, we'll only be checking if you have any DBZ-related artwork instead.

The "having 5-6 DBZ artworks in your gallery before you can join" rule was very cumbersome and I personally apologize for that since that was my idea. From now on, we will accept any and all members provided you HAVE DBZ-related art in your gallery (by art we also mean writing). If you don't but you'd like to be a member, please consider watching us instead!


This has been a LONG time coming and we feel that this rule needed to be seriously amended so we have some diversity in this group. We apologize to anyone who's been feeling left out because of us not allowing queer representation in this group. If you have a problem with this, you may bring it up to us -- but I doubt any of us will change that any time soon.

That's all I have for now! And remember we have a 2nd folder for OCs now!

- stardustblitz
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